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Why Wordpress is Better Than Wix?

Three years ago, there was no Wix vs. WordPress.

Three years back, on the off chance that you'd asked us what the best stage was for building your site, We'd have yelled "WordPress!" instantly.

Is it accurate to say that you are attempting to settle on Wix vs WordPress to construct your site? We are clearly entirely solid defenders of WordPress (the way that we spend significant time in WordPress improvement may part with that). Be that as it may, regardless of controlling an astounding 35.2% of the world's sites, WordPress isn't the main route for you to make a site


We'll get into some progressive nitty-gritty Wix vs WordPress correlations in a second, yet before we get a lot into the particular subtleties, we should talk about the essential way of thinking that every arrangement brings to the table. At a major level, Wix versus WordPress boils down to an exercise in careful control between two ideas:

Straightforwardness and availability to amateurs that is the manner by which simple it is for somebody who isn't a designer to make a working, tasteful site.

Adaptability and simplicity of customization that is the way simple is it for somebody to alter a site to cause it to do precisely what they need it to do.

Wix settled on the choice to forfeit some adaptability so as to make a webpage building experience that makes it simple for even apprentices to make a working site. WordPress, then again, forfeits a smidgen of ease of use so as to enable you to alter 100% of your site.

Which Platform is Easier to Build a Website With?

WordPress is still genuinely simple yet you should go through the motions with regards to facilitating your site, and it's somewhat progressively entangled to get your site set up.

WordPress is a self-facilitated stage, which implies you possess any site you produce completely. It additionally implies you find a workable pace that facilitating organization you might want to use to get your site running, and gives you the adaptability to change between web has voluntarily.


As far as the fact that it is so natural to rapidly make a site that looks extraordinary, Wix is the champ. Wix isn't as adaptable after you manufacture that fundamental site, however it is an extraordinary answer for rapidly producing a basic, stylish site.

Wix accompanies more than 500+ pre-made layouts to browse. All Wix structures are completely responsive and written in HTML5. Utilizing the implicit apparatuses, you can additionally redo your site configuration, change the format, and modify things as you see fit.

Which Platform is Easier to Build a Website With?

With WordPress, you have undeniably greater adaptability on the two fronts.

For one thing, how about we start with modules. WordPress modules let you include new usefulness or change existing usefulness without having to know any code. As of now, WordPress has more than 53,000 diverse free modules that you can introduce, with thousands progressively premium modules.

Need to coordinate internet based life into your website? Utilize a web-based life module. Same with publicizing the board, contact structures, tests, iframes, and practically some other usefulness you can brainstorm.

What's more, on the off chance that you need to assemble the entirety of your substance no sweat of utilization of the Wix Editor, you can utilize one of the many page developer modules:

Beyond that, you (or a developer) are free to add any custom code to your website, which gives you even more flexibility. Unlike Wix, you don't have to contend with any code limitations.


In the event that you need to add usefulness to your Wix site, you'll be generally depending on the Wix App Market:

This application advertise gives you more adaptability than something like Squarespace yet at the same time doesn't verge on covering everything that you can do with WordPress.

As of now, the Wix App Market just has 288 applications altogether. As you'll find in a second, that fails to measure up to WordPress.

Past that, you're likewise seriously restricted with regards to making your own code changes (or having a designer make code changes for you).

Wix does sort of allow you to add custom code, but only in a sandboxed iFrame? with a number of restrictions.

Who Controls Your Data On Each Platform?

While in the short-term it may not be a major consideration for beginners, data ownership should be a major factor in your final decision. By data ownership, we mean things like:

  • Would you be able to download a duplicate of your content?
  • Can you effectively move your content to another web designer?

Concerning information possession, WordPress is the reasonable champ. It's off by a long shot.


On the off chance that you're asking why we state it's off by a long shot, here's Wix's announcement on information possession, directly from its information base:

  • Your Wix site and the entirety of its content is facilitated only on Wix's servers, and can't be moved somewhere else.
  • In particular, it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to send out or implant records, pages or locales, made utilizing the Wix Editor or ADI, to another outer goal or host.

So¦yeah. That ought to be a really enormous warning in case you're worried about information proprietorship.

While there are some outsider tools that offer workarounds to, state, move Wix to WordPress, Wix doesn't give you a simple method to do this without anyone else.


With WordPress, you're generally in full control of every one of your information. You can download or control 100% of the information on your webpage and fare/import WordPress clients since you control everything.

Like we said it's not even close.

Is One or the Other Better for SEO?

This is a very controversial topic with many, as some will argue that Wix is better for SEO, while others that WordPress is. However, if we strip both of them back, neither of them are that different when it comes to the fundamentals of on-page SEO. Both include the following:

  • Ability to change page titles, meta descriptions, and H1-H6 tags
  • Sitemaps can be generated for faster and easier crawling
  • You can add alt tags to images on both platforms
  • Friendly and short URLs are standard
  • Mobile-friendy
  • You can connect to Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, etc.

To the extent off-page SEO goes, a backlink or social sign doesn't generally mind what sort of stage you are on. The one territory that we would state that WordPress excels right now the capacity to have more control. This incorporates things, for example, the speed of your site and propelled choices for ordering/creeping/blocking. These can legitimately affect SEO and rankings.

Ahrefs discharged an examination on Wix vs WordPress SEO. They broke down 6.4 million areas and found that 46.1% of WordPress destinations got some natural traffic. Wix in correlation just had 1.4% of its spaces seeing natural traffic. Be that as it may, because of numerous components, a ton of the information is uncertain. For example, maybe more SEO work is basically being done on WordPress destinations instead of Wix.


WordPress is far better than Wix as a web distributing stage for any sort of site. While Wix offers a simple to utilize web designer, you can achieve significantly more with WordPress as time goes on.

We trust this article helped you analyze Wix versus WordPress and gain proficiency with their upsides and downsides. You may likewise need to see our noteworthy hints on directing people to your new WordPress site.

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